Why I do it

Photography to me is like Jazz. Spontaneous. Improvisational. Miraculous. Grab your instrument and let the emotions flow. It is a day of crescendos! A day where the music is written by you, your family and all your loving friends that participate in making a unique score. The love you share with your intended is unique, and everything about it must celebrate that.

Guided by intuition and heart, I am compelled to uncover what others may be too busy to see. To show the beauty that lies on the surface of everything yet frequently goes unnoticed. How many details remain in memory after the day has passed; the look of pride as your mother sees you in your dress, the laughter on the faces of guests, the tear in your groom’s eye when he reads his vows to you ? Unveiling the moments that are uniquely you and will grow more meaningful as the years progress is what I do best. Let me show you.